Marsha McGhee


Marsha McGhee was born in Reading on February 20th 1982 and is half French, half British. She grew up in Goring-on-Thames and as a teenager moved with her family to Oxford. At the age of four Marsha started learning the piano and composed her first songs when she was eleven. It was not until her 18th birthday that Marsha got her first guitar and transferred her song-writing skills to this instrument. She went to the European School in Culham after which she studied natural sciences at the University of Bath. During her 4-year degree course she spent one year on placement in Darmstadt, Germany.

While in Darmstadt (2002-2003) Marsha played the songs she’d been writing on her guitar for the first time in front of an audience. She met the members of the German band Mental Reservation and played various gigs with them during her placement year. Having a band accompany Marsha gave her songs a new dimension.

After finishing her degree in Bath, Marsha returned to Germany in 2004. As well as playing further gigs with Mental Reservation and creating a compilation with the DiBos, Marsha started concentrating on recording her songs using simple software. Despite the quality of the recordings being very basic, the songs can finally be recorded as Marsha imagined them to be: she plays all instruments herself.

Marsha has now settled in Darmstadt and continues to write, record and perform her songs as a hobby. She hopes to eventually record her first album.

To listen to some of Marsha’s songs please click on "music"